reasons why
you might want a
Buddy like us

  • Buddy was formed by Paul Gowers, the founder and Creative Director of Wilder, creative lead on the London 2012 Olympic Bid and the Creative Director of Imagination’s Film department. Paul’s the kind of creative buddy we all need in business.
  • Paul’s creative buddy is Jim North, a Perrier nominated writer and actor who’s written and performed extensively for TV, radio and film.
  • We make authentic, loveable, crowd pleasing film content.
  • In 2017 our films were watched by more than 25 million people on social media channels and received more than 250,000 positive engagements.
  • Along the way we've won a fair few awards. Currently 2 Grand Prix Awards and 18 Gold Awards are sitting amongst others in our trophy cabinet.
  • We have a close network of specialist creative talent who we bring in to create the best team for each project. Our structure means you invest in talent and experience not overhead.
  • We go all-out to ensure all our films have character, warmth and wit. Some of them might make you cry, most will make you smile, all are bespoke to your needs and the audiences you want to reach. We think our films will help you get noticed.