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13:10 3 Apr 2019

We're happy to be placed in the top 25 of the Televisual Top 50 for the 3rd year running. What we lack in size we make up for in awards and peer poll votes to get to this level. A big thankyou to all our clients. 

13:23 21 Mar 2019

"You withdraw yourself from those standards and then you're just free"

It's not adversity that defines you, it's the way in which we respond to it that does. As told by Stef Reid and Matt Wilson in this powerful piece filmed with the Ball Street Network. Watch here.

12:36 15 Feb 2019

Check out Paul's review of the powerful Oscar nominated short Black Sheep in this weeks Creative Moment magazine.

16:04 25 Jan 2019

Working with our buddies at Curious, Buddy created an innovative series of film guidelines for Electrolux, designed to help creatives around the world to achieve a distinct Electrolux look and feel. Viewers are able to click on individual chapters in an interactive PDF and watch a short video on subject matters such as cinematography, casting, art direction and locations. 9 chapters in total were created with the last chapter revealing a new product film shot and edited in the new style. The films were presented by actor Paul Hassall and filmed on the Red Weapon on a specially created set in Brussels.

13:00 22 Nov 2018

Chuffed to have made 9 films with our buddies at Set Live for Google YouTube On Stage supporting the likes of Trevor Noah, Chaka Khan, Sherrie Silver and the Global Cycling Network. 

10:07 27 Sep 2018

Paul recently directed and cut this spot for Nando's working with the lovely team at Gho5t 

17:15 24 Jun 2018

We’ve recently completed a global brand film for Saudi Aramco, a world leader in integrated energy and chemicals. Filmed across 3 continents, the film features an inspirational and motivational speech by an Aramco employee and a series of interlocking narratives to convey the vision and values of the company at an important moment in their evolution. Watch the Moment is Now here.

11:58 4 Jun 2018

This is a short documentary for KPMG about Ethel Watts, the first women to qualify as a chartered accountant in England & Wales. Winner of a Silver Dophin at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards and Gold at the EVCOM Clarions. Watch it here. 

18:50 3 May 2018

Our work for Bridgestone with We Are Fearless has been recognised at the PR Week and Campaign Brand Film Festival. The film won Silver in both the Brand Documentary and Heartstrings categories. To see why watch the film here. 

13:05 12 Apr 2018

Buddy have won a Gold and a Bronze World Medal at the 2018 New York Festivals for Bridgestone Chase your dream, no matter what. Congratulations and thanks to the whole team at Buddy and WeAreFearless for such a great result.  

15:48 26 Mar 2018

The Televisual Corporate Top 50 is out and we're thrilled to be placed 14th overall and = 5th in the Peer Poll for our "honest, thought provoking work" and for being the "quiet achievers whose filmmaking stands out" Heartfelt thanks to all who've worked with us and all who voted for us. #NotSoQuiet

15:18 6 Feb 2018

Enrique is a hugely talented young golfer from a humble background. Without the right support he simply wouldn’t be able to compete at the top level of his chosen sport. This is the story of how Golfing4Life support and encourage young golfers like Enrique to achieve their dreams.

11:44 15 Jan 2018

Buddy is 5. This time 5 years ago we started work on our first project, a film for Cancer Research UK. Since then we’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best brands and agencies around, chuffed to have won 20 awards and despite our modest size, to be ranked in the top 20 companies of our kind by Televisual magazine. Thank you to all our clients and all the talented freelancers who help us to make what we hope are films characterised by warmth, wit and genuine emotion. What’s So Funny ’Bout Peace, Love & Understanding

12:32 16 Dec 2017

It's been a buddy good year for music, here's our best of 2017

15:59 5 Dec 2017

Phew! In the last 2 months we've delivered 26 films for Google. We've worked with some amazing people including these boys from Kurupt FM. Thank you to the whole team from Buddy and Set Live for making it happen and deliveriing so much great work. Feeling a bit tired now, please wake me up on Christmas day. 

11:12 27 Nov 2017

Delighted to have made 10 films for this years YouTube Brandcast with our creative buddies at Set Live.  

16:05 15 Nov 2017

We filmed Jon & Kellie finding out how to get the most out of their Land Rover.

Agency: Spark 44

11:22 29 Sep 2017

Congratulations team Buddy! We have another dolphin on the way from Cannes, this one for our film for KPMG about Ethel Watts, the 1st qualified Chartered Accountant in England & Wales.   

13:03 15 Sep 2017

How would you feel if you were about to try to jump off the 10 metre platform, sufferered from anxiety and a fear of heights? This is a film about overcoming fears and chasing your dreams.  

Agency: We are Fearless

11:23 16 Jul 2017

The results of the EVCOM Clarion Awards are out and Buddy have won Gold for our film for KPMG about Ethel Watts, the first woman to qualify as an accountant in England & Wales. The awards recognise the very best in CSR and Sustanaibilty projects. Thank you to the team at KPMG and Buddy for their great work. 

11:32 27 Jun 2017

We had a bumper night at BAFTA on Friday night, picking up 4 awards at the EVCOM Screen Awards. A Gold, Silver & Highly Commended for our Ways of Being Co-op brand film and a Bronze for our Welcome to Harrow brand film. The Gold award, presented by BBC's Front Row host, Kirsty Lang, came with this judges citation; "Clear standout winner for this category. True storytelling at its best - simple, compelling and from the heart. The authentic approach combined with the pared back style distills the message powerfully for the target audience." We take a lot of pride in making films from the heart that are truthful and really connect with people on an emotional level and so it's particularly satisfying to be recognised in this way. Congratulations all! 

18:04 22 Jun 2017

In 2017 there are more people in slavery than at any other time in human history. Incredibly slavery continues in virtually every country in the world including our own. The Co-op have started a campaign to help integrate victims of this disturbing crime back into communities. This film tells the story of one such victim. 

17:04 25 May 2017

The EVCOM Screen Award nominations are out and 2 of our films are shortlisted. Congratulations to all involved in the Ways of Being Co-op and Welcome to Harrow projects. 

10:33 26 Apr 2017

Some lovely news from the New York Festivals last night that our Ways of Being Co-op film has won another award. Thank you and congratulations to all those involved. 

09:21 18 Apr 2017

We're very happy to be the fasters risers in this years Televisual Corporate 50, up 23 places to 19th. Even more pleased to be back in the Peer Poll at 7th, praised for our "clear simple creative". Many thanks to all who voted for us and all our talented freelancers who helped to make us worth voting for. 

17:26 10 Mar 2017

We travelled the country filming heart warming stories about the great things Co-op colleagues do for their communities. We uncovered lots of lovely stories and this was one of the best.

16:25 10 Mar 2017

We've been filming the untold inspirational story of Ethel Watts, the first woman to qualify as an accountant in England and Wales. She was a remarkable person who fought for women's equality all her adult life. The film was commissioned by KPMG to celebrate International Womens Day. 

16:50 27 Feb 2017

Our Ways of being Co-op film has been nominated for an award at the New York Festivals. Nice. 

10:44 11 Jan 2017

We've been finding out what a Co-op Council Member does with a series of films aimed at encouraging more Co-op members to get involved. Here's Lynne's story. 

17:01 20 Dec 2016

Our latest film for Thomson Holidays took us to Lapland for a bit of romance in the snow (for the cast that is, not the crew)  

18:46 26 Oct 2016

We've been travelling across Europe from Barcelona to Warsaw to Genoa and Cesena in Italy making films for our buddies at Set Live and YouTube. Here's a pic with the brilliant Fabio and Marco from Rockin'1000, the subject of one of our films. 

06:57 16 Oct 2016

Awards update, we're pleased as punch to have won 2 Silver Dolphin Awards at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards for our work for the Co-op and Harrow School. Proud too that our film for Prospect Hospice was Highly Commended at the EVCOM Clarion Awards. 

20:55 22 Sep 2016

Next Tuesday 27th I’m on a panel for the BFI and EVCOM talking about humour in films. I’m not joking. Details here.

10:45 7 Sep 2016

We’re off to Cannes! Two of our films for the Co-op and Harrow School have been nominated for an award at the Cannes Media and TV Awards, whilst our film for the Prospect Hospice is nominated for an EVCOM Clarion Award. Many congratulations to our clients and all the Buddy team who worked on the films.

09:18 8 Jul 2016

Some warmth and humanity to end the week on. This film isn’t always an easy watch, after all, it features people dying, but we hope it's a rewarding experience as well as a positive one. The making of it certainly was. We’re very lucky in this country to have organisations like Prospect Hospice, who make such a difference to our communities through their dedicated care. It was a privilege to tell their story. Watch it here.

11:27 23 Jun 2016

We've recently completed 3 films for the Co-op including a new brand film capturing some of the brilliant work they do to make a difference to their communities. 

21:19 19 May 2016

It's been an incredible season and it was fantastic to be in Leicester on the night they won the title, telling the story of Steve Worthy, the lucky fan chosen by Barclays to present the trophy to captain Wes Morgan. 

09:29 11 May 2016

Hunter Design asked us to help create a film to mark the Berkeley Group's 40th Anniversary.
This inspiring film celebrates Berkeley's philosophy for placemaking, going beyond building beautiful homes to create communities where people feel like they belong. Jim wrote the script and Kurt Riddell directed. Watch it here.

16:05 4 May 2016

Here's us winning Gold at the EVCOM Screen Awards, our 7th trophy for the Spirit of the Games Heroes content made with our buddies at Havas SE Cake. The award was presented by comedian Andy Parsons.  

15:54 29 Apr 2016

It's lovely to meet your idols. See what happened when Madison met Harry Kane. 

08:21 21 Apr 2016

What a great time to film a story at Leicester City following Tom Ash as he embarks on a work experience of a lifetime. Watch the film here. 


14:53 20 Apr 2016

Congratulations to our clients at Harrow School and the Buddy team for winning a Silver World Medal at the New York Festivals last night for best Public Relations film. Watch the film here. 

21:13 16 Apr 2016

We've been commissioned by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) to make a series of recruitment films for their Go Construct website. Here's the first, about the travel opportunities the industry can offer. Watch it here. 

15:40 11 Apr 2016

Ian Wright and Chelsea fan Rachel Key share their memories of lifting the Barclays Premier League trophy in our latest film for Havas SE Cake Watch it here. 

20:10 22 Mar 2016

Our film for Harrow School captures what makes it one of Britain's leading independent schools. Discover what shaped the talents and character of the likes of Winston Churchill, George Byron, Benedict Cumberbatch and um James Blunt. Watch it here. 

09:15 4 Feb 2016

When Alan Shearer played his testimonial he handed more than 1.6 million pounds to charity and founded the Alan Shearer Centre, a facility dedicated to helping people with complex disabilities. This film celebrates his bond with Newcastle and with Carolyn Lawson, a valued volunteer at the centre and a worthy winner of the Barclays Spirit of the Game Award.  The film has recieved nearly 5 million Facebook views and more than 45,000 positive engagements. (likes/shares/comments)  Watch it here

18:20 28 Jan 2016

Prior to preserving some of our films into the BFI National Archive, the British Film Institute has published this nice feature about Buddy and how we do our thing.

11:16 21 Dec 2015

Tinie Tempah tells his story about how he turned a passion for music into a living and why he's supporting young people through @YourLifeSkills in this film we made for Havas Sports & Entertainment. 

10:52 16 Dec 2015

Thomson Holidays teamed up with their charity partner, the Family Holiday Association, to help send 40 families to Lapland. Here's the film we made to bring to life their magical day. 

15:56 23 Nov 2015

It was lovely to witness Harry Amos' reaction when Barclays selected him as the ball kid to present the Barclays ATP World Tours Final Trophy to Novak Djokovic on Sunday. 

We made the film shown at the start of the presentation and live on the BBC.

10:36 16 Oct 2015

We're thrilled to have won a Silver Dolphin Award at the Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards last night for our film for Barclays about Bradley Addison, an incredibly brave and inspiring young man who suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy and plays Powerchair football for Villa Rockets. It's lovely to see it has connected with so many people on Facebook and now at these awards. Many thanks to all the team who worked on it at Buddy and Havas Sports & Entertainment. 

13:39 7 Sep 2015

We teamed up with Havas Sports & Entertainment to film Barclays Digital Eagles host the most star studded game of Walking Football ever. Watch the fun unfold here. 

15:41 26 Aug 2015

Our latest film for Barclays tells the story of Steve Rich who, with the help of Barclays Digital Eagles, is trying to turn Walking Football into a national game. 

21:12 29 Jul 2015

This week Thomson launched Family Life, their new brand for family holidays designed for every generation. We were asked to bring the concept to life with a shiny new film

09:59 12 Jun 2015

We've recently completed a project for our buddies at Flourish Creative for a YouTube event. 
5 films telling the stories of acts like the brilliant 2 Cellos and Playing for Change who've found International success and achieved amazing things through their relationship with YouTube.

09:56 12 Jun 2015

Interviewing 2 Lords and a Baroness in one day is a nobility record for us. Lord Sebastian Coe, Lord Paul Deighton and Baroness Tanni Grey - Thompson were all contributors to a film about the legacy of the London 2012 games, one of 3 films we made for the IOC through Seven 46 and Havas Sports & Entertainment. 

17:34 27 May 2015

Our very best wishes go to Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein for this Friday's vote for the FIFA Presidency. We are proud to have produced his campaign film with Vero Communications. May the right man win.

21:56 21 May 2015

After winning the Surrey Youth League, Barclays gave Kingston Youth Eagles a surprise experience they’ll never forget. 

20:52 21 May 2015

It's not every day that Marcel Desailly turns up at your door carrying the Premier League trophy. See what happened when he called on Chelsea fan Rachel Key to tell her she's going have the honour of presenting the trophy to John Terry this weekend. A lovely moment.

21:21 15 May 2015

Our latest film for Barclays Football is getting a tremendous response on Barclays facebook page with over 3 million views. This is a touching story about a young man who despite being diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular-distrophy continues to find ways to fulfil his passion for football and Aston Villa. 

21:10 15 Apr 2015

Buddy won a gold medal at the highly coveted 2015 New York Festivals® International TV & Film Awards held at the 2015 NAB Show in Las Vegas last night. Billy Ingham, a story about passion made with Havas Sports & Entertainment for Barclays Football won Best Direction. Congratulations to all the Buddy and Havas team who worked on the film and of course to Billy, a fine gentleman whose passion and geniality made this film such a joy to make. 

16:58 2 Apr 2015

Our latest film for Barclays Football features Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers. He was an interesting and thoughtful interviewee. Towards the end of our chat he told us a great story that pretty much explains his whole philosophy to football management. 

16:36 31 Mar 2015

Buddy won 2 golds at the inaugaral Evcom Screen Awards (formerly the IVCA's) for our films about passion for Barclays Football. A big thank you to our buddies at Havas Sports & Entertainment and all the team who worked on the 4 films.  

16:15 2 Mar 2015

This week we're 2 years old! To celebrate we've created a little montage from some of the films we've made in the last 2 years. 

17:45 18 Feb 2015

The New York Festivals and Evcom Screen Awards finalist lists are out and we're received 3 nominations in each, nice! Congratulations to the Buddy team and our clients at Havas Sports & Entertainment, Barclays Football and TUI Travel Ltd.  

17:09 16 Feb 2015

Barclays Football Billy Ingham, a story about passion has been selected for the Creative Pool Annual Shortlist

09:32 21 Jan 2015

This year our best of CD is on Spotify too 

17:17 12 Dec 2014

Our latest film for TUI Travel is a promo for First Choice SplashWorld holidays and features all the different ways people enjoy their water parks. 

22:29 20 Nov 2014

Billy Ingham, a story about passion. The last in our series about passion for Barclays Thank You campaign. From Dixie Dean to Dave Hickson, there aren’t many Everton Football Club legends Billy hasn’t seen play. The star of the Barclays Thank You ad last season and a stalwart at Goodison Park for over 80 years, Billy’s passion for the Toffees epitomises everything about ‘The People’s Club. Agency: Havas Sport & Entertanment

06:36 8 Nov 2014

This is a love story with a difference. In the eyes of the world Jamie was born a boy and Louis was born a girl called Samantha. Paul's tender documentary provides an intimate close up look at what it means to be transgender and in love. It airs on Sky Living Wednesday 12th November at 10pm. See a teaser here.

18:51 2 Nov 2014

We've made our first million. Alas not pounds but views. Congratulations to the team at Barclays, Havas and Buddy for getting such a great story to so many people. If you've not seen it, check out Paul Kelly: a story about passion

14:29 29 Oct 2014

Paul Kelly is the Disability Coordinator at Manchester City. This film for Barclays tells the story of how he went from being a bricklayer to presenting the Premier League trophy to Vincent Kompany. It's a great story about an inspirational man.  Agency: Havas Sport & Entertainment

20:24 19 Oct 2014

The second in our films about passion for the Barclays Premier League directed by Clare Lewins. Kevin Johns is the match day announcer at Swansea City FC and his impassioned speeches and dedication to the club have made him a local hero. Check out his story.

22:15 2 Oct 2014

A film made with passion about passion. Director Clare Lewins took Ian Wright back to his school to discover where his love of football blossomed. It's the first in a series we've made for Barclays through Havas Sport and Entertainment. Also check out the trailer to Clare's brilliant feature documentary I AM ALI , which premiers in LA this month. 

15:20 25 Sep 2014

Some briefs are definitely better than others. A chance to film the Sensatori hotel in Jamaica for Thomson Holidays where they shot their latest TV Ad. 

16:22 10 Sep 2014

We're in Jamaica playing with a new toy. It's so cute we nearly gave it a cute name but decided in the end to call it Drone

14:36 1 Aug 2014

We filmed this promo for First Choice Holiday Villages in Kos, Greece in glorious 4k. 3 days of non stop activity from archery to water slides. We filmed some stuff too. Exhausting but fun to make.

21:11 18 Jun 2014

Projects for McDonalds, London Underground, Pfizer, Thomson Holidays and the FA have been keeping us busy this month. That and the World Cup of course. 

17:51 13 May 2014

Paul and soundman David Brill have been working with Year 6 children at Collis school teaching them all they know about filmmaking. Naturally it was a very short lesson but well recieved nonetheless. The children made a documentary called Life on Earth in which they interviewed children from all the Collis year groups and created a lovely film full of priceless moments. 

11:43 3 May 2014

After a 6 month review of suppliers, Cancer Research UK have chosen Buddy as a creative film partner. We're proud of the work we've already done for the Spot Cancer Early and R UV Ugly? campaigns and really looking forward to doing more potentially life saving work with them.

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