"Wonderfully dark and entertaining, and absurdly funny"
Wolfgang Petersen Director (Troy, Das Boot)
"Funny, odd, crazy, weird, human" Rutger Hauer Producer/ Actor (Blade Runner, Batman Begins)
Best Comedy, 12th LA Shorts Fest | 2008
2nd Prize TCM Classic Short Film Competition 2009
Best Short Film,Mexico International Film Festival | 2009 

Grand Prize - Short Films, New York Festivals: Film and Video Competition | 2009

Audience Award, 9th Filmstock International Film Festival | 2008

Audience Award - European Competition
14th Internationaal Kortfilmfestival Leuven | 2008
Best Narrative Short Film
6th Calgary Underground Film Festival | 2009
Best Acting
5th MCM Filmfest: International Short Film Festival | 2009
Audience Award
8th Silhouette Short Film Festival | 2009


Paul Gowers
Jim North & Paul Gowers
Producers : 
Richard Batty & Rob Mercer
DOP : 
Brett Turnbull
Editor : 
Russ Clapham
Music : 
Michael Conn with songs by Jawbone

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