The Co-op

Ways of being Co-op

Inspiring renewed belief in the Co-op’s values and purpose.

With the Co-op re branded and flying high it’s easy to forget that just a few years ago they were in crisis. Morale and belief in the core values of the business were at a low. Our challenge was to help the internal communications team re-ignite passion for the business amongst colleagues, inspiring them to engage with the company’s rich history, its values and new membership scheme.


A touring multi media event was devised by the client for which we created 3 films. Ways of Being Co-op highlighted the incredible work Co-op do in the community, reminding colleagues what the Co-op stands for and inspiring them to want to be a part of it. A dramatic rise in belief in the Co-op’s purpose and strategy ensued along with a raft of awards.

“Clear standout winner for this category. True storytelling at its best - simple, compelling and from the heart. The authentic approach combined with the pared back style distills the message powerfully for the target audience.” Judges citation, EVCOM Screen Awards

Ways of being Co-op

gold-internal-use-new-york-festivals-ways-of-being-co-op.png gold-evcom-screen-awards-ways-of-being-co-op.png Ways-of-Being-Co-op-Silver-Dolphin-Internal-Communication-Cannes-Media-TV-Awards-2017.png Ways-of-Being-Co-op-Silver-Editing-EVCOM-Screen-Awards-2017.png

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