National Crime Agency

First to a million

An interactive drama that reinforces young people’s understanding of the possible consequences of online activity.

Filmed in the first person, the film follows a group of friends, of which the viewers are part of, as they take part in an online challenge to get “first to a million” views. Things go a step too far when two of them are filmed in a compromising situation. The audience can choose what happens at strategic points in the film and are able to explore the consequences of various actions and choices, and the ultimate outcome of the story

First to a Million 2
First to a Million 5

“First to a million delivers the perfect balance of drama and message – engaging young people with humour and strong characters as well as providing an educational message.

As an interactive film it really gets young people involved in the action. Since launch its been used by thousands of teachers across the UK and the feedback has been excellent. We’re delighted.”

Jonathan Baggaley, Head of Education, CEOP

First to a million trailer

CEOP First 2 a Million Gold Dolphin Interactive Cannes Media TV Awards 2013

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