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Barclays Lifeskills

Tinie Tempah on turning passion into something you can make a living from.

A film telling Lifeskills brand ambassador Tinie Tempah’s story. Created to inspire young people to follow his advice and take the first step to follow their passion and work in something they’d always dreamed of.

Tinie Tempah 2
Tinie Tempah 4

Being able to turn your passion into something that you can make a living out of is the dream.

Tinie Tempah

The campaign lead to the highest participation levels of any campaign in the history of Lifeskills.

An experience of a lifetime

This was followed with a film about Tom, one of the lucky applicants as he experienced an opportunity to spend a week as an assistant coach at Leicester City FC and meet Manager Claudio Ranieri.

Lifeskills Tom Ash

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