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Niklas Eckstedt, Chef. No gas, no electricity, no gadgets. Just fire!

Bentley Extraordinary Journeys - Niklas Ekstedt

The story of Niklas Ekstedt's journey to become a Michelin Star chef cooking purely over fire. One of 4 films created for Set Creative featuring some of the hotel and culinary experiences available to guests as they travel across Sweden and Denmark as part of the Bentley Extraordinary Journeys travel series. Scroll down for more films in the series.

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60 sec social version

Bentley Extraordinary Journeys - WANAS HOTEL

Wanas 2
Wanas 1

The story of Wanas, a historic hotel with a unique sculpture park

Bentley Extraordinary Journeys - TRAKT Hotel

Trakt 3
Trakt 1

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