Spirit of the games heroes

Barclay’s most successful social media campaign communicating their values through emotive stories about football.

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This was a joy to work on, collaborating with Havas to uncover and bring to life heart-warming stories about the passion that drives people to use the game for good. In so doing helping to subtly reveal Barclays brand values to a UK audience.


The campaign reached more than 25 million football fans, with 400,000 + active engagements and sent brand trust and warmth scores soaring.

Barclays Ian Wright

12 films were created in total, some featuring footballing heroes like Ian Wright and Harry Kane, but most featuring the unsung heroes of the game. People like 87 yr old lifelong Everton fan Billy Ingham and Manchester City disability co-ordinator Paul Kelly, chosen by Barclays to present the Premier League trophy to Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany.

In this era of instantaneous self-promotion Paul and the team at Buddy stand-out by letting their work do the talking. The combination of their commitment to audience-focused storytelling with their dedication to serving a client’s objectives is truly exceptional.

Dan Connolly, agency client at Havas SE Cake

Barclays Paul Kelly

Awards Barclays Spirit of the Game Bronze Public Relations EVCOM Screen Awards 2016 Barclays Spirit of the Game Gold Direction New York Festivals 2015 Barclays Spirit of the Game Gold Public Relations EVCOM Screen Awards 2015 Awards 2015 Barclays Spirit of the Game Silver Sponsoring CSR Cannes Media TV Awards 2015

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