Take the plunge with Chris Mears

Communicating Bridgestone’s brand purpose with highly emotive branded content.

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Sometime the process of making a film is an inspirational and empowering experience in itself. Capturing the story of 10 people with severe anxiety issues as they attempt to jump off a 10 metre diving board, is an example.

We worked with award winning agency WeAreFearless, as part of their Chase Your Dreams, No Matter What campaign for Bridgestone. A campaign celebrating the Olympic spirit of perseverance inspiring everyone to overcome adversity to realise their dreams.

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Olympic gold medal diver, Chris Mears, called on his experience of having to fight to achieve his dreams against all odds, to help inspire the participants with their challenge

WoW 😮 am crying with pride you are all amazing thank you for showing us what you overcame.

The resulting 5-minute film powerfully communicates Bridgestone’s brand purpose in a way that is emotive and compelling and inspired a tremendous response on social media.

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Take the plunge with Chris Mears

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